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Upgrade Your Boat With Synthetic Teak Boat Decking
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What is synthetic teak?

If you have recently purchased a new boat or yacht, learning about teak boat decking can be very beneficial to help maintain your boat. When making a decision between natural and synthetic teak for your watercraft knowing the pros and cons of each is essential. You may be wondering, what is teak? Teak comes from a tropical hardwood tree found in many South Asian and South American communities. Synthetic versions of this wood are used in many outdoor furniture, restaurants and boat decks. So what is synthetic teak? It is a non-porous material that has a very similar look to natural teak, without all the maintenance required to care for natural teak.

How is synthetic teak better than natural teak?

Many boat owners choose to go the synthetic route for a variety of reasons. Synthetic teak provides the look of real teak and feels very similar to it as well. This benefit comes without the fading, discoloration, and heat associated with natural teak. It requires less maintenance and is simple to clean after you take the boat out on the water. It can also be more durable in harsher weather conditions, such as heavy rain and wind storms, and it is UV resistant. This is also an environmentally friendly option as well for those interested in staying green. You can feel a lot safer as a captain, or as a passenger by avoiding the splinters and cuts that natural teak can cause. One of the best benefits is it is immune to rot and insect damage. Make your boating experience more comfortable and enjoyable by using synthetic teak boat decking. If you are looking for an easier option to maintain your boat this is the way to go!

How can the boat decking be installed?

The installation process starts with choosing the right adhesive for the job. Dek-King is the synthetic brand of choice for many boat owners, and will come with the proper adhesive needed to install the decking. Preparation is required and making sure each surface is completely flat and clean, if not it'll need to be smoothed down and filled. Choose the proper template you want for your specific boat model so you can align the teak properly and efficiently. Once the margins of the synthetic teak have been made you can start laying it down and getting it fitted onto your boat. There are several styles and designs of Dek-King products to choose from. They offer a range of premier synthetic teak and provide detailed instructions for do-it-yourself installation. Call or visit our website for more information!

Ameriteak Marine is the leader in synthetic teak boat decking, if you are looking to upgrade or remodel your yacht or boat call or click today to learn about our various product offerings.

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