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Wooden Boat Show and Boats-to-Tools Auction
June 17-19, 2016; Grand Marais, Minnesota

North House Folk School

It's the biggest celebration of the year! Try your hand at a workshop or course; be inspired by the stories of boat builders, sailors and travelers; and plan your next adventure. It's a fun, family-oriented educational event--curiosity is welcome.  Grab a paddle and journey North!

Festival Highlights

-Harbor Side Wooden Boat Display | Boats-to-Tools Auction
-Wooden Boat Speaker Series | Craft Demonstrators
-Lake Superior Chowder Experience | Steam Bent Brunch
-Solstice Pageant on Saturday at 8 pm | Members Annual Meeting

Featured Speakers

Featured speakers are Brian Miller and Randy Gosa of The Lost Forty who will share traditional folk songs adapted from field recordings and manuscripts of singers from the Great Lakes region along with stories about the source singers, contextual information about the songs and projections of historical photos.

Featured Instructor

Our Featured Guest Instructor is Swedish woodworker Beth Moen, While on campus, Beth will teach two courses (see below) and speak during the event. Beth is the primary instructor of the woodworking program at the Sätergläntan Institute of Handcrafts in central Sweden and is regarded as one of the premier woodworkers in Sweden.

Boats-to-Tools Auction

Get a glimpse of some of the emerging 2016 auction items!

Great Auk
"Great Auk" 19' long by 19" wide at the cockpit. Plans came from CLC.

We’re on the Lookout – From Boats to Tools!

Do you have a slumbering wood canvas canoe in your garage?

Has your collection of antique (or modern!) tools reached capacity and it’s time to let go of a few?

Is that pile of cozy northern quilts just a little too tall?

Why not give your treasures a second life by donating them to the Boats to Tools Auction at North House Folk School?

A classic element of the Wooden Boat Show, the Boats to Tools Auction tells the adventure of life in the North.

Funds raised go toward brigning the international speakers, first-rate coursework, and regionally revered special events to North House’s campus in Cook County every year.

North House is accepting donations of types:
-Boats of all types / Boating Supplies / Boating Books
-Woodworking Tools / Woodworking Supplies / Woodworking Books
-Outdoor Gear / Camping Supplies / Outdoor Related Books
-Traditional Craft

The Wooden Boat Show has become a tremendously successful North Shore tradition, welcoming 2500+ visitors to campus.

Each year the festival includes a speaker series, craft demonstrations, wooden boat display, a life-sized puppet pageant and silent auction.

The Boats to Tools Auction takes place June 18 during the Wooden Boat Show.

Thank you!

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