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NBC Sports To Air 35th Annual Key West Super Boat World Championship

NBC Sports To Air 35th Annual Key West Super Boat World ChampionshipOffshore Racing To Hit Prime Sports Television Programming

Key West, Fla (December 23, 2015)
 — Super Boat International (SBI) is proud to announce their marquee event, the 35th Annual Key West World Championship, will air on NBC Sports late January and early February 2016. Following the success of last year’s one-hour program on NBC Sports, the 2016 programming is slated for three one-hour episodes. Air dates are Sunday January 31st at 12pm ET, February 7th and February 14th at 3:00pm ET on your local NBC Sports channel.

SBI recognized STIHL Inc., for being a major force behind the sport expanding its national visibility. STIHL returned as the presenting sponsor of the championship shows.  “We, at STIHL, are very pleased to be bringing this exciting sport to a broader audience,” said Roger Phelps, Corporate Communications Manager for STIHL Inc. “Our brand is all about power, precision, and the team behind the machine, and offshore racing is a perfect fit for us.”

With the expanded programming, fans will get to see more race action, and the in-depth coverage will allow them to get a behind-the-scenes look at the boats and teams that make offshore racing one of the most exciting sports today. NBC Sports To Air 35th Annual Key West Super Boat World ChampionshipMike McKinnis, VP – Executive Producer JM Associates, and his team converged on Key West with a full battery of personnel and camera equipment to cover this year’s event. “There was some incredible racing and excited fans in Key West and we are looking forward to putting the shows together and airing it on NBC Sports,” comments McKinnis.

Super Boat International, who has been delivering this premier sports property that captured the support of  fans around the world, is dedicated to aligning themselves with great partners. “We are very pleased to have STIHL and JM Associates here in Key West again,” said John Carbonell, President of SBI. “STIHL is a great company and really supports the sport of offshore racing. They partner with JM and really put on a great show together. JR Noble, of the STIHL Offshore Race Team, is the one who really got this thing off the ground and we appreciate everything he has done for the sport. He’s a great competitor.”

NBC Sports To Air 35th Annual Key West Super Boat World ChampionshipThe Key West Super Boat World Championship will air on Sunday February 7th, the same day as the Super Bowl. It’s a big day for television with families and friends gathering around the television during the day and into the evening. The conditions for this year’s event were fantastic and it was some of the best racing we have seen in Key West.

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