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US Title Series - Pleasant Prairie, WI - May 24-26, 2013
Championship Outboard Hydroplane and Runabout Racing

US Title Series- Championship Outboard Hydroplane and Runabout Racing
May 24, 2013 May 26, 2013
Prairie Springs Park and Lake Andrea

9900 Terwall Terrace
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
(918) 914-9704

All day

Spectators are welcome to come on out and enjoy some great boat races on Lake Andrea! PRO Outboard racing is the oldest style of boat racing in the country, and the US Title Series has been the leading organization for the PRO category.

The US Title Series teams and drivers are dedicated to always improving and using new technology to advance our style of racing.  There are multiple engines competing within the US Title Series, including American and European manufacture 2-stroke engines, all specifically designed for high performance racing.  Our classes range from 125cc up to 1100cc engines with speeds reaching 130 miles per hour.

There is no thrill more exciting than seeing several 100 mph boats racing to the first turn.  From our youth, starting at age 11 with K-PRO Hydro boats, to our veteran drivers, boat racing has become a traveling family of friends and competitors.  Each year the US Title Series hosts race events at some of the most beautiful areas of the country with drivers traveling from as far away as California, New York and Florida to race against the best drivers, and fastest PRO boats in the country. The US Title Series, founded in 1982, is recognized as the premier PRO Outboard racing series in the United States.

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