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August 27-30, 2015

CEDAR POINT SHOW ALREADY GEARING UP The Progressive North American In-Water Demo Show at Cedar Point may still be a couple of months away, but plans are already shaping up for the August 27-30 event.

Boat Show Hours

Thursday, August 27
Noon – 7:30pm
Friday, August 28
Noon – 7:30pm
Saturday, August 29
11am – 7:30pm
Sunday, August 30
11am – 6pm

“There is no doubt we will be expanding the show footprint this year,” says Ken Alvey, show manager. “The success of our Progressive Catawba Island Boat Show in early May at the Catawba Island Club, coupled with the fact that the boating industry is in full sales recovery since the great recession, is already generating requests from dealers for more display space, especially in-water space.”

One area that’s getting careful study is the amount of dock space available for boat demos. Unlike the CIC show in which all boats were able to do demo rides, the design of this show at Cedar Point that uses hundreds of feet of temporary floating show docks doesn’t permit all boats to be accessible for demos. Many are simply pinned in the marina.

“We’re doing our best to design more demo space because that’s become a hallmark of this show for many visitors,” explained Alvey. “We will have a record number of demo boats, that for sure, but we’re still trying to determine that number.”

Elsewhere in the show, available space is never a problem. The adjacent land space is virtually unlimited and the accessory tents can grow to whatever size is needed to fill exhibitor demand.

Attendance is also expected to grow significantly. “Last year, because we changed the show dates from after Labor Day to the weekend before Labor Day, lots of people were confused or just didn’t get the message,” Alvey noted. “We recognized that would likely happen. After all, the show had been held after Labor Day for more than 40 years.

“But the change was necessary to help show goers avoid the long traffic lines that happen when Cedar Point holds the very popular HalloWeekends beginning immediately after Labor Day. We wanted to make it easier for boaters to get to and enjoy the show, so we ‘paid our dues’ so to speak last year with the change. This year, we’re sure everyone will know the dates and attendance will see a marked increase again.”

The show at Cedar Point remains the oldest and largest in-water show held annually on the Great Lakes. More than 400 boats are expected to be on display in August, most in-water, when the event docks up for its traditional 4-day run. Updates and details will become available during the summer at:
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